Membership Category                               Entitlement                                               Loan Period                                               Overdue Charges

Degree College Student   1-Book for Home Lending(General Collection)and        7-days                                                          Rs-1/-per day

                                            1-TextBook or                                                                   To be renewed every Alternate day          Rs-5/- per day

                                            1-Reference book                                                             Not to be retained and to be returned

                                                                                                                                       on the same day before 4.00pm


Junior College Student      1-Book for Home Lending(General Collection)or          7-days                                                          Rs-1/-per day


Q1:- How can I become member of Smt B M Ruia Girls College Library?

A:- A library card will be given to students and staff members as part of the BMRGC registration procedure fromLibrary. The card will normally cover the duration of the course .

Q2:- Is it possible that I can use the library card of my friend on his behalf ?
A:- No person is eligible to borrow book from the library on someones behalf.

Q3:- Why do I need to write my name/assign signature on the book card at the time of borrowing?

A:- It is to protect you against false issuing of documents against your account (which is a possibility).

Q4:- Who other than belonging to BMRGC can use the Library ?

A:- Old students of  BMRGC, old staff, alumni can refer the books in the library but are not allowed to borrow the same. Only after taking Special Permission from Principal BMRGC.

Q5:- Are visitors  allowed to visit the Library ?

A:- Visitors are allowed to just see the library provided they get permission from the Principal BMRGC. They can just view the books but reference and borrowing is not allowed.

Q6:- Who are authorised to use the Library facilities ?

A:- Students of  BMRGC, staff members  are allowed to use library facilities.

Q7:- How can a user recommend a book for purchase?

A:- Users can recommend a book to be purchased by the library through their department heads and personal request is not accepted. But if the book is requested by many people and if the book is really useful then library may consider it .

Q8:- What Should I do if the book I borrowed got lost?

A:- If the borrowed book is lost then immediately you should give a letter to the Librarian stating the cause(Immediately report to the Circulation Desk, for loss of Book  in prescribed format and replace a new copy within 7 days .). If the book is available then you should replace the same otherwise you have to pay for the same as per the rule. 

Q9:- Whom to contact for Queries regarding finding Books and Journals?

A:- There is a help desk for queries regarding finding a book or a journal. OPAC gives the accession number of the book or the journal and if you are not able to locate the book, please contact the help desk for the same.

Q10:-What  are the  Libray  Hours

A:-Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 5.30pm,  the Library is closed on all Sundays and government holidays.

Q11:- Which are the books that will be issued to the members ?
A:- Not all the books are issued to members . Books that are inscribed REFERENCE are not allowed to be borrowed. These books meant for reference are to be read in the library itself and are not allowed to be carried outside.

Q12. How do I borrow a book or a journal?
A:-   1.You should take the book you wish to borrow, together with your library card, to the Issue Desk.

       2. The book will be issued to you and the date it is due for return will be stamped on the date slip inside.

There is a limit to the number of books you can borrow at any one time and that depend on whether you are a student or a staff. Books that are reserved are not permitted to be borrowed.

Circulation Desk  timings are 9.30am to 5.30pm

Q13:- How do I find a particular book or a journal in the Library?

A:- You Can Search the Library Catalogue Using  OPAC (online access to library books and journals ) . Here user can search for any book on a particular subject or of a particular author or the combination of these two.

To know how to use OPAC take help from Library Web Site Page. Searching in OPAC is possible either titlewise, authorwise or a combination of both & other heads also...

Q14:- How do I renew a book  and for how many times can i renew the same book?

A:- All Users who want to renew Books, users  Should bring Books  physically to the library circulation counter. Books that have not been requested by another borrower can be renewed at the Circulation Desk.

Q15:- How do I return the materials?

A:- Books and other Library Material  may be presented at the Circulation Desk during the circulation hours.

Q16:- Is there any late fee, if I would not return book within the due date?

A:- Users , if they don't return books in time should pay fine to library and no consideration shall be made. The details of the fine is as follows

No of days after due date

Fine to be paid

General Books     1. Rs

Textbooks            2. Rs

Reference Books 5. Rs


Q17:-What are electronic Journals and Database and open access e-resources available ?

A:- A number of journals and databases are available to Library members. Check the list of electronic journals (including 'Archives') available on the library's homepage